The Pink Flamingo

What is this video about?

The Pink Flamingo has uses her gansta powers to defeat a rival gang.

Why should you watch this video?

People should watch this video because it is exciting, original and imaginative. Also it is tense.

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    posted by Haza99916 Apr, 2012
    Interesting vid slightly boring at times but this issue was over come by the chillingly tense moments that struck me it was slightly mis-leading by the fact that she is nothing like a pink flamingo and flamingos are generally peacefull animals that fester across forbidden lands such as Africa and Asia and according to this vid she is an evil mastermind the only resemblance it shows is the pink jacket which I thought btw was a lovely touch possibly not suitable for the younger generation of wowzer over all a fanominal piece of film art, I endeavoured in it who ever the director was give him or her a pat on the back P.S please enlighten me on where you purchased the scooter from
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    posted by arnaldo3324 Apr, 2012 Is an example of this type of flamingo, and also the scooter was from :)
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